The Dirt on DnA

       Darci n Andrew - DnA - started Deschutes Produce in the spring of 2021. It is a family run farm that has developed from lots of hand-on learning for optimizing growing conditions for food crops, organically and as sustainably as possible in the extreme climate we experience in Central Oregon as it can get very hot and very cold daily.

       Together, they have been growing gardens for the last 10 years and Dar has been growing & harvesting medicinal herbs for her Calendula Skin Salve for the past 20 years.

       In 2016, they started DnA Sustainable Systems where they consult and design and even help maintain gardens for others. Helping others start their own gardening style & overall understanding & connection with plants is deeply satisfying. 

      Today, Their gardens sit way back off their highway closer to the Deschutes River. The majority of production is grown in three 100’ hoop houses. One is dedicated to the unheated ‘Super Salad & Stir-Fry’ HARDY house. We take pride in the huge array of flavors that all the different varieties of leaves have. Check to see if the SUPER SALAD MIX AND STIR-FRY HARDY MIX are available in the farmstand.

       Half of second house has been dedicated to our heated nursery so that they  are able to start all the tender sensitive crops like tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers and squash. They pull an inside layer of plastic to maximize the efficiency of small heaters in a large space. The second half was started with hardy root crops and peas and more lettuce. They were finally able to tuck in some tender crops within the roots to interplant the beds as much as possible.

      The third hoop house is currently being planted with the tenders that still need to be covered and heat when the temperatures drop below 40º. They live in Central Oregon where it can freeze ANY night of the year. So...they try to be prepared.

      The farmstand is a dream come true for the farm and hopefully for the local community as well. They have been delivering fresh harvest directly for years, but last year had to charge a fee to be able to continue to do so. Now they can focus more on the needs of the gardens and keep the harvests top quality. 

They can't wait to hear how the farmstand feels from those in the neighborhood.

What about you? 

Are you a neighbor?

Do you wish you lived closer?

Have any questions for DnA? 

Tell us your story....share your perspective.

Lookin Forward!